Episode 71(h) - LIVE in Atlanta Episode 71 Finale


IT'S THE GRAND FINALE OF EPISODE 71!!!! It's been a wild ride! To thank our listeners for supporting Episode 71, Dylan is on location at the Shaky Knees Music Fest in Atlanta, GA, doing a live remote from Centennial Park!!! Then the cops tell him he has to leave and he does the remote from a chair in the atrium of his hotel while he gets sleepier and sleepier! There's theme songs and plenty of gunshots and horse noises and you know we're gonna talk over old Conan bits and take online quizzes to see what kind of different things we are!!! Episode 72 drops soon, then I'll probably delete Episodes 71(b)-71(h). Happy Father's Day from the entire cast and crew of HLTATMOW Episode #71!!! -Kobe