Oct 2, 2018

Episode 95 - Welcome to Willits

Time again for another All Halloween's Eve Spooktacular Sales Event!! Beware this spooky episode, recorded this very night eight months ago!!! For the horrible breathing audible throughout confirms that making this the Halloween episode was PREMEDITATED!! NOT AN AFTERTHOUGHT!!! MWAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Anyways, we talked about Welcome to Willits with Blurry Culkin. Stick around to the very end, if you dare, for the chilling proof that we always intended for this to be the Halloween episode. Mwahaha, haha, Morgrom & Morgrom, etc...


Sep 13, 2018

Episode 94 - Logan Lucky

Steven Sodaberg's race track heist movie gave us the courage to talk in our real accents for once in our damn lives as we thoroughly cover Logan Lucky! Channing Tatum was brothers with Adam Drivers and Riley Keough and Seth MacFarlane and Katherine Waterston and Daniel Cwaig and Dwight Yoakam and Rebecca Blunt and Macon Blair! And it's a movie! Plus Michael Jackson and Elvis and Legion were there! Plus Dylan stumbles into an incantation that will reverberate through this podcast and the world! Plus he loves Neon Genesis Evangelion without reservation! Stick around after the show to hear us continue to talk about the movie for an hour! Cauliflower!


Sep 6, 2018

Episode 93 - They Look Like People

Continuing a streak of choosing films with statements for titles, They Look Like People! The podcast friends talk about that for half an hour! Then the ones they call Logan and Dylan talk about something else for half an hour while Matt plays with a cat in the background! [cat playing sounds detected; 85% certainty] Then they end the episode! Then they do the episode for twelve more minutes! [episode description automatically generated by the computer that listens to podcasts]


Aug 29, 2018

Episode 92 - Mute

Hey, don't MUTE this podcast! We want you to listen to it! Although, to be honest, I guess if you played the episode with the sound muted, we'd still get credit for you listening, so I don't know that we'd necessarily care. Actually, if anything, it might be better for us if you played it muted. I mean, worse case scenario, you played it accidentally with no intention of listening to it, in which case we'd get your listen without having to deal with you judging us. Best case scenario, you intended to listen to the episode and just the muting part was the accident - in which case you'd have to go back and play it again but with the sound on this time, and we'd get credit for two listens that rightfully should have only counted as one. Look, I'm gonna lay my cards on the table here; I was just trying to kick off this episode description with a toothless play on words, and it's gotten wildly out of hand, so I think it would be better for both of us if I abandon this line of reasoning entirely and just start describing the episode now. So here goes: Duncan Jones made a movie called Mute and we talked about it. If you want to hear that, then play this episode.


Aug 17, 2018

Episode 91 - Everybody Wants Some!!

Everybody wants some!! And we wanna let you get it!! In your ears!! So we're back and here's the episode. More Linklater, more talk of a Publix we'll never actually go to, and more other stuff! Like the Oscars I guess. And Dylan denounces a spelling bee pronouncer or something. Podcasts are where you find them.


Jul 4, 2018

Episode 90 - Bernie

In honor of the 4th of July, this week the Bernie bros are talking about movies again and they're in another dimension where things are better. We talked about the true story of Jack Black being a cosmetizationist and Shirley MacLaine being an old lady whom he murdered. We also talk about Richard Linklater and say the names of at least three other movies he's made! Also Logan had a problem at a pizza place or something. So... um... you wanna listen to it? Or...? I mean you don't have to decide now or anything. I understand if you're busy. 


Jun 22, 2018

Episode 89 - Zoom

ZOOM! What was that?! The sound of us doing movies?! Yes, but Zoom is also the name of one of those movies. And this is that episode where we talked about that. And that's the description of this episode. See ya there!


Jun 12, 2018

Episode 88 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

We're back with more Gabbin Bout Guardians, but this time with more people! We like to keep the date we actually record each episode a closely guarded secret, but eagle-eared sleuths may notice a few helpful clues in the form of live Super Bowl updates. So join us for another amazing episode of talking! Editor's note: Kinda got sick of editing, so just don't listen to the last like 15-20 minutes


May 30, 2018

Episode 87 - The Hateful Eight

News you can lose. Happy holidays!


Apr 12, 2018

Episode 86 - Heathers

This week on Heathers, the three Heathers escort you through an auditory exploration of Heathers, the classic film about teenage suicide and how you should don't do it. Later, Heather talks about what she's seen lately, Heather keeps interrupting, and Heather aint having it! If you can't stand the Heather, get out of the Heather kitchen, but if you're ready to Heather with the Heather Heathers, then come along, Heaths and Heathers, for all the Heather you can Heather a Heather at!

Episode notes: Friday the 13th is a video game, not a board game


Mar 22, 2018

Episode 85 - The Bad Batch

Oh man, we watched The Bad Batch! Then we recorded ourselves talking about it twenty years ago! What did we think of the movie?? I don't remember! So you better play this episode to find out! If you like your podcasts puzzlingly long, then this ep is for you! Or if you're the sort who prefer shorter podcast episodes, then just listen to half of it! But don't worry, because you have to listen either way!


Mar 6, 2018

Episode 84 - The Place Beyond the Pines

We talked about The Place Beyond the Pines, so you know it's gonna be whatever! This week, Derek Cianfrance did a movie about Ryan's pines and how he did a good robbing and he even put some acts in it in this one now too! Once he finishes that, then you know it's time for some jerks to talk about it and oh boy howdy did we! Plus Dylan says Mario and it's a theme song! And plus it's also a race against time before Publix closes or Logan will starve! Matt's there, too! And he's gonna say Darkwing Duck, so you know 90's kids are gonna remember! Plus all this plus more! Click this ad!


Dec 8, 2017

Episode 83 - I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

Are you into Osgood Perkins films? And the music of his brother Elvis? And Ruth Wilson and Lucy Boynton and Bob Balaban and backwards heads and mold and hospice care??? You sound like kind of a weird person!! Maybe you'll like this podcast, then. We get confused about if Kate Mara and Rooney Mara are two people or one people, buzz market Publix, then Logan pretends that he watched a French cartoon to make us think he's fancy, and we get another piece to the puzzle of figuring out Dylan's home address! All this, plus I'm pretty sure I think we even remembered to talk about I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House!!! Pretty sure!


Oct 31, 2017

Episode 82 - Halloween

To maximize the spookiness of the Halloween episode this year, we're posting it at THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT ON HALLOWEEN!!! MWAHAHAHAAHAAAAA!!!! We talked about Halloween cause it's a movie, so it fits the criteria necessary for something to be talked about by us. But be forewarned, dear listener, if you don't want to LOSE YOUR MIND, then don't stick around after the show for Fried Chicken Encounters, the show where Dylan goes to a bunch of drive thrus.


Oct 22, 2017

Episode 81 - Colossal

In this colossal episode of the colossal podcast, colossal is a word we say a few times as we talk about Nacho Vigalondo's colossal film, Colossal! Anne Hathaway! Jason Sudeikis! Gamer gate! Spoilers! All this plus Kevin's back plus we forget to end the show!! Check it out!!!


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