Apr 18, 2017

Episode 70 - Train to Busan

All aboard! Train to Busan is leaving the station! Toot-toot! Where will it end up? I'm no train expert, nor do I know what such a person would be called, but my guess is it's probably going to Busan, you absolute frigging dullard! Dylan was mean to this movie but Logan and Matt are good guys to it! We disagree about whether or not the Train to Busan was better than the train from Snowpiercer! Here's an interesting fact: The name of the train from Snowpiercer was Chris Evans's Ice Train! If you don't believe me, just google Chris Evans's Ice Train and I bet Snowpiercer comes right up!!! Let's all take care of one another!! Now eat some more slop, you mindless zombies!!!! :D


Mar 29, 2017

Episode 69 - I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

It's episode 69! So we S each other's D's by talking bout movies and stuff! I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore was one of the main ones! It's Macon Blair's writorial-directorial debut, and Dylan has graduated from confusing him with Joe Lo Truglio to confusing him with Jeremy Saulnier. Matt and Logan start working out the sequel to Blue is the Warmest Color until Dylan shows up and they forget they were doing that. Then we talk about movies, video games, comic books and normal books! Plus we fix the national debt, complain about the proposed Netflix rating scale and try to get Logan to start smoking cigarettes! Five stars! You hear me Netflix?!! FIVE! STARS!


Mar 22, 2017

Episode 68 - We Are Still Here

We Are Still Here! And talkin bout one of the most positively reviewed horror films of a few years ago or something! Ted Geoghegan did it! It's in the past! La La Land! I mean Moonlight!! Matt suffered a brain injury!!! He gonna be okay?! Idunno! BUT WE ARE STILL HERE, MUTHA F*$%@S!!!!!


Mar 17, 2017

Episode 67 - The Beaver

This episode, we delve into an examination of suicidal depression, madness and the long road to recovery. We also talk about The Beaver. Did you know Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence were in that? We sure didn't.


Feb 22, 2017

Episode 66 - Grand Piano

This week we watched Grand Piano, a film some people on this podcast have called 'the dumb version of Whiplash.' Listen to us talk about how and why John Cusack and Bill S. "Alex Winter" Preston Esquire kill people to make Elijah Wood play the piano better. We tell you why Damien Chazelle seems like an evil person, but is actually better than you. We think about trying the Santa Clarita Diet, and Matt and Dylan wanna talk about Arrival, but then don't for obvious reasons. Don't be a Tom FAILZnik, be a Tom LISTENTOTHISEPZnik! Night night I have a concussion


Jan 31, 2017

Episode 65 - The Magnificent Seven

We spend twenty minutes introducing The Magnificent Seven so we can give you all the interesting details, like what Aikido is and what we thought about John Wick, and also so we can name all the Skarsgards and brainstorm new snacks we could invent that might be good. This episode sponsored by Legal Zip. It's like a scam.


Jan 19, 2017

Episode 64 - Look Who’s Back

This Inauguration Day, we talk about Look Who's Back, the movie where Hitler is here again. We try not to get political. Kevin hasn't been on in a while, Matt hasn't slept in a while, and Logan hasn't seen Rogue One in an ever. I think Matt says Adolph Borat at one point, when he really should have said either Borat Hitler or Adolph Sagdiyev. Then we have a pretty weird discussion of Starwars. Er ist wieder da.


Dec 23, 2016

Episode 63 - Swiss Army Man

'Tis the season for the coming together of friends and family, the lifting of spirits, and the talking about of movies. 'Tis a special film we watched, wherein a bedraggled Paul Dano learns to share his life with a bloated and decaying Daniel Radcliffe. And yes, Mary Elizabeth Winstead was there too. This holiday season, we'd like to invite you to watch Swiss Army Man, and listen to us reminisce about times gone by when we did the same. Logan and Matt will be there, with little Dylan by the fire, playing with his brand new microphone. We do so hope that you will join us.


EDITOR'S NOTE This episode was recorded before the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Quit asking us to talk about Star Wars, nerds.


Nov 30, 2016

Episode 62 - A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

A Girl Walk Home Alone at Night, just barely in time to qualify as Halloween in November! So do the HLTATMOW while you listen to us talk about this Persish film written and directed by Ana Lily Amirpour! Plus video games, anime, and it's sort of unclear what the next pick is! Cause of Dylan! But let's say it's Swiss Army Man! I'm pretty sure that's right! It's the HLTATMOW dance!


Nov 23, 2016

Episode 61 - Trollhunter

Trollhunter! Norwegians! Talking! You get it. This was recorded before the election, so any political commentary is entirely speculative. Halloween in November or whatever


Oct 28, 2016

Episode 60 - Event Horizon

Happy Halloween, everybody! Every... (dramatic pause) ...DEAD BODY!!! Evil laugh, lightning, thunder, creaky door sound. That's right, it's that time again. When we dust off the sound effects machine, realize it doesn't work anymore, and haul it off to the spooky mansion down the street to try to sell it to the spooky hoarder who lives there. While we were waiting for him to count and roll thousands of nickels, we went ahead and recorded an episode of the podcast. We pretty much talked about Event Horizon. Apologies if any spooky noises made it onto the recording.


Oct 20, 2016

Episode 59 - Meek’s Cutoff

Join us on an auditory journey along the Oregon Trail! Along the way, we'll talk about a movie we watched called Meek's Cutoff, have our clothes stolen, and try to mutiny Logan. Later on, we'll confuse movies with other movies and discuss a weird spattering of TV shows. So come along, pioneers!!! Opportunity awaits!!!!! Dylan has dysentery.


Oct 11, 2016

Episode 58 - Deathgasm

Deathgasm is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days. But what does it really mean? Join us this week as we struggle with the question, "Why isn't anyone starting the show?" Then we struggle with this foreign film that we watched. There's some D&D talk, and even some D&D&D&D talk. Stick around after the show for the debut of the gaming advice column, Aunty Gamer. All this, plus Dylan won't tell us what he's been watching.


Oct 4, 2016

Episode 57 - The Lobster

Hear us talk about The Lobster, the Yorgos Lanthimos film! Hear one of us be really late for no reason and one of us sound like he was really mad at the movie! If you already guessed which two those two were correctly, then you've listened to too many episodes of this podcast and you have to stop now! This is an ABC conversation! So D your way out! 


Sep 27, 2016

Episode 56 - Real Life

The 1979 film Real Life is about how reality shows are stupid! And Albert Brooks' directorial debut inspired us to give you a little glimpse behind the scenes of our own podcast! So tune in to find out what happens when three podcasters start being polite and stop getting real!! Er, wait, I meant the other way. Wait, that way doesn't make sense either. Are podcasters really known for their politeness? Whatever, I don't care. screw this dumb episode description

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