Jun 15, 2016

50th Episode Part 2 - Commentary on Episode 11 - Endless Love

More 50th episode spectacular! This episode is us talking over an old episode! So it's like consuming two episodes at once! Now you're REALLY being productive!!!


Jun 7, 2016

Episode 50 - Green Room

It's the 50th episode! So we take it back to our Jeremy Saulnier-y roots and talk about Green Room. Logan and Matt may or may not be wearing nice suits. I can't tell. Dylan pops in later to weigh in on the film and trick us into talking about X-Men. Then we have one of the least substantive discussions of video games ever! All this, plus Kevin brought some nice relaxing crickets and a bunch of special robot sounds to commemorate all the weird noises that we've had on the podcast. Obviously, that was a cool choice, not an idiot ruining an episode with bad sound. NPFO!


May 24, 2016

Episode 49 - Entertainment

How is Entertainment, the Neil Hamburger movie by Rick Alverson different than Courtney Love? We talked about it. Also Michael Cera was in it briefly. Dylan tells us about the Target Pervert which may or may not be him, we talk about what we've seen lately, and briefly discuss a beloved director who sucks. Also I think we started talking about The Wizard for some reason. We announce what we're talking about for the 50th episode, then cover politics, celebrity deaths, okcupid, airbags, sex education in public schools, and all the hard-hitting news we can deliver in the laziest way possible.


May 11, 2016

Episode 48 - We Need to Talk About Kevin

We need to talk about Kevin. He sounds different now. There, now that that's out of the way, let's talk about what we talked about in this episode of the let's talk about the movie show. Let's see, we talked about a movie, I think. Some other stuff. I don't remember. Just listen. It's great. Don't get sick.


Apr 25, 2016

Episode 47 - The Duke of Burgundy

The Duke of Burgundy is great. We all loved it and you should, too. In this episode, we discuss BDSM, LGBT, ASMR, and other acronyms! Actually, just those three. And we didn't really talk much about those, either. But we do disagree very heatedly about insignificant distinctions! Nobody wants to admit Matt is right, but he is and I think they know it! Kevin spoils Batman V Superman by saying it's not good and flies around on a rocket ship! Zooom!!! Pinastri.


Mar 30, 2016

Episode 46 - Tokyo Tribe

Sion Sono's 2014 rap musical Tokyo Tribe! Is what we talked about for more than half of this episode! Kevin and Dylan are back! Dylan wasn't into it, Kevin sits up for the first time, Matt makes noises that are extremely arousing and everyone loves it, and Logan spoils Daredevil by saying whether it's good or not. Stick around after the show to hear Dylan's cool tips on how to not get out of jury duty!


Mar 9, 2016

Episode 45 - Dope

Dope! Dylan is back and we have our deepest discussion of race since perhaps... that time we watched Supporting Characters and the one guy was mean to his friend. Matt says Rick Famuyiwa a few times, there's some light Oscar chat which Logan doesn't cotton to, we talk about Deadpool, Editor TJ makes an appearance, we don't want you to know what year it is, and we make it through the whole show without saying the n word! That's a good podcast!


Feb 16, 2016

Episode 44 - Turbo Kid

The thing you might not understand about Turbo Kid is that he likes a dude named Turbo Rider and Turbo Rider might be inspired by something called Captain Power, whatever that is. We try to get that across to you in this episode, but just in case you missed that info, please feel free to consult this episode description. Matt and Logan disagree on things and there's some confusion in the research department. And once again, Turbo Kid likes something called Turbo Rider.


Feb 11, 2016

Episode 43 - Teen Witch

Wish that you could hear us talk about the movie Teen Witch? Well good news, you don't have to wait eight and a half years for your wish to travel to Proxima Centauri to get star magic and then come back here to make that happen; You can hear that now! And seriously, stop squandering your wishes. In this episode, Matt makes a pretty convincing argument that this movie isn't very good, and Logan is sleepy or something, I don't know what's wrong with him. Who would really wanna go and top that? Top that. Also I forgot to mention that the dad was played by Dick Sargent.


Feb 1, 2016

Episode 42 - People Places Things

People Places Things? More like Actors Locations Props! Am I right? Cause it's a movie? Anyways, we talked about that movie a little. We maybe talked about the "whatever" part a little more, sure, but we talked, alright?! Aint that enough?! Matt doesn't understand Logan and Logan pisses Matt off with his hate speech. I don't remember what Logan said that was so offensive, but judging by Matt's reactions, it must have been pretty bad. They both come up with brilliant movie ideas that you'd have to be insane not to rip off, and Matt picks a reeeal stupid movie pick for next week. So tune it in, turn it off, and hug it out. HLTATMOW!!!!!


Jan 25, 2016

Episode 41 - Dead Man

First episode of 2016! We're back to discuss the last pick of 2015, the 1995 Jimmy Jarmusch Joint Dead Man! We finally figure out what the December theme was now that it's late January, and we're not gonna do themes anymore I hope! We don't mention the Neil Young score at all, forcing me to mention it here, Logan tries to start the hashtag #threebearsdeep, Matt's on brain pills, and Jamie tries to sexualize everything that comes out of our mouths!! So whip out your devices and put us inside you!!!! Let's see Jamie try and make something filthy out of that.


Dec 24, 2015

The HLTATMOW Holiday Special

The HLTATMOW Holiday Special!!! Getting everyone together to talk about movies can be tough this time of year, so in lieu of our typical movie discussion, we'd like to offer you this gift, The Secret Origin of HLTATMOW: The incredible but true story of how Hey Let's Talk About That Movie or Whatever came to be. Happy times forever!


Dec 12, 2015

Episode 40 - The American Astronaut / Showercast

Don't you know that I love it so to be the American Astronaut! We don't describe this movie as thoroughly as we could have, because it's too good and we all think you should watch it. We keep talking about Project Greenlight like we always do, we think of a bunch of other podcast ideas that you should steal from us, and Dylan says beta cuck a whole lot. Stick around after the movie stuff, cause Dylan takes a shower and we make a real thing of it. Watch The American Astronaut!


Dec 3, 2015

Episode 39 - Hard to Be a God

While cowards review challenging films in vague terms, we here at whatever this podcast is called take you through the things we did or didn't understand about this film, because that's what you deserve! Hand me that thing. This film is very long and gross and the plot is not conveyed to you for reasons. So Matt explains what actually happened in the movie while everybody makes noises like they're surprised that anything happened in the movie. Put that down. I think Matt's obsessed with it. We tell you whether or not we recommend listening to this episode, and Editor TJ cuts in at one point. Has anybody seen the redheaded butcher? Get out. Is Indecipherable December going to be a thing now? I sure hope not. The port is closed.


Nov 27, 2015

Episode 38 - Burying the Ex

What happens when your girlfriend dies before you can break up with her, but after you make a promise in front of a magical devil genie bobble head toy? A weird movie I guess! We discussed Burying the Ex and what that is and what it's about. We talk a bit about Jessica Jones, Kevin pitches new Hutts, Logan can't snap good, and Jaelle makes Matt look like a li'l whore. So listen in and have a hell of a day! And please put more thought into your store names. Your store names are bad.


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